Bria Desktop (Counterpath) Setup

Bria Desktop (Counterpath) Setup

Get started with your Bria Desktop softphone app


App Setup

  1. Log into your account with Counterpath
  2. Once logged in navigate to the Voice and Video tab
  3. Press the new account setup button
  4. Under the General Tab input the requested details 

    -Service Label - Input desired label name
    -Domain - input the clients domain name (ie domain.tld)
    -Port - set to 5060
    -SIP Username - clients extension (ie. 100)
    -Auth Username - clients extension (ie. 100)
    -SIP Password - clients extension password

  5. Click on Service Settings
  6. Fill in the following details

    -SIP Proxy - Outbound Proxy from manual device settings. 
    -Check "Register with domain and receive calls
    -Leave transport as UDP
    -Registration time - Set to 60
    -Rport - select enabled. 
    -Keep Alive - Select Enabled. 

    All other settings can be left at their default values. 
  7. Click Save and Close 
Once this is saved, open up the appropriate desktop app on your computer or phone and log in with your account. The account status will show a green check mark once successfully registered. 

The app login is the same as the login information for the Bria  Dashboard account. 

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