Unsupported phones and many unified communication softphones require manual configuration. The article below covers how to set up an account in the portal to be entered into the devices configuration. 

All Manually setup devices need to have their SIP Listening ports updated to ensure they are not registered on Port 5060 (This is different then the outbound proxy or hostname/domain port). 

Please refer to your devices documentation on how to update this setting. 


  • Manager Portal access with Office Manager scope


If your phone model does not appear in the model drop down list in the portal it is not a supported device and will require manual configuration. It will be the sole responsibility of the user to maintain, troubleshoot, and configure that device.


Adding a Manual User

Navigate to the Users section.

Click on the user you would like to set up the device for, then click the Phones section.

Click Add Phone

Fill in the fields provided using the following guidelines:

  • If you have never added a device for the user, you will be required to setup a non-lettered extension. eg. 101
    If the user has a non-lettered device already, you will need to enter a phone suffix letter. eg 101a
  • If this users calls need to be recorded, change the dropdown to Yes.
  • For a manual device, leave the model as Select a Phone Model

Click Add to commit the changes.

Next you'll need to get the username, password, and proxy settings, click edit on your newly created phone entry.

You will now see new information in the settings section, which you will use to setup the manual phone or soft phone.

Use this information to configure your manual device, once the configuration is complete you may verify on the User Phone page to ensure that the registration is completed successfully. Indicated by a green check mark if the registration is complete, or a red x if the registration is not complete.