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Possibly compatible after changes


Disable SIP ALG or bridge device to router


This router is not compatible with VoIP services without modifications. We recommend either bridging the device to another router or disabling the SIP ALG.

To disable SIP ALG:

Zyxel Zywall USG50 - newer firmware:

Turn OFF Enable SIP ALG.
Turn ON Enable SIP Transformations.
Turn OFF Enable Configure SIP Inactivity Timeout.
Enter Pass Rule for All OnSIP IP Addresses
Increase UDP Timeout from 25 to 300 under Firewall tab, Session Control

**For Older versions of the sofware**

From the command line you must turn off the SIP ALG:

Telnet into the router. Choose (24) System Maintenance and (8) Command Interpreter Mode. From the command line type:

ip alg disable ALG_SIP

You should receive the message "SIP ALG Disable"

You will then need to reboot the router for the change to take effect. Reboot the router and all of the phones.


**All routers and firewalls need to have the correct ports forwarded and Whitelisting configured for VOIP service, please click here for more information.