Zoiper for Desktop

Zoiper for Desktop


Initial Setup

If you do not have a pro license, click Continue as a Free user. This document does not cover activating a license. If you need help with licensing please contact Zoiper directly.

Fill in the two fields using:

  • Your device extension and domain in the following format - extension@domain
  • Your device password

Click Login to continue.

The next page should have the field pre-populated with your domain. Click Next to continue on.

The third page should have Optional Authentication and Outbound proxy checked and the remaining fields using:

  • Authentication Username should be left empty/blank
  • Use the proxy address provided by the Portal. eg. core1-yyc.iplogin.ca:5060

Click Next to continue.

Zoiper will then test the different methods to connect with the service. We recommend using TCP but UDP is also acceptable. Click Next to continue.

If you have more than one output device or more than one microphone. Take the time to complete the hardware configuration. If you only have one of each device, click Skip.

Setup is done! You should now be able to make and receive calls using Zoiper.


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