Web Phone Troubleshooting

Web Phone Troubleshooting

Web Phone isn't Ringing when a Call is Received

This could be caused by a number of conditions, the most common are:

  • Is the computer's speaker volume turned up?
  • Does the computer have a working speaker\microphone or headset attached?
  • Does the computer have and is using Chrome as the browser and the version is at least:Version 67.0.3396.99?  This can be checked under the User\Phone tab as the version number will show within parenthesis after the phone description of Web Phone (Chrome 67.x.xxxx.xx).  Compatibility with other browsers is being added, but haven't been thoroughly tested.

  • Is the web Phone browser open on the Users computer?  A registered Web Phone will show registered when clicking on the top right Phone icon.  If the window is closed, the phone will not ring or appear registered.

  • If diagnosing remotely, please ensure the Web Phone is registered under the User\Phones tab.   Web Phones have an automatic extension with a "wp" suffix, such as 101wp.  green checkbox would indicate a properly registered and open Web Phone Browser.  A red stop symbol indicates it is not open or registered.

  • Is the Web Phone set to ring in the Answering Rules?  Typically if the user has set the answering rule to ring all user's phones, it will be added automatically to inbound ringing if the Web Phone is open and registered (first screenshot below).  If the Answering Rule is not set to "ring all user's phones" ensure the extension ending with the suffix "wp" (like 101wp) is set to be a ringing device by itself (second screenshot below).

Ring All User Phones Setup Example


Ring Web Phone Only Setup Example

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