User Options for Implementation

User Options for Implementation

In order for the technicians to create your users correctly, they need some information from you!

Here is the absolute minimum they will need, and why:
  1. Name. Why? Because they have to call the user something!
  2. Email (if user has one). Why? This is how the user will receive their portal login information.
  3. Phone Model being used (if you have ordered more than one).  Why? Our technicians pre-program your phones, and that means connecting the users to the appropriate phones.  If you ordered multiple models, the technicians do not know which users are getting which models and can not proceed
  4. Extension.  Why? If you want users to have specific extensions, this is the time to show us!
Extensions can not be changed once created, if one is not given, our technicians will start the extension list at 101, 102, 103...

Now that you know the minimum requirements, here is additional information that can tailor make your Users experience:
  1. Voicemail Enabled. Why?  We may not enable this by default, so if you would like it for certain users please let us know.
  2. Forward # if offline.  Why?  If users need to be reachable even when offline, we need to know where we can send calls.
  3. Administrator Access. Why?  Admin access can be given out selectively if needed.  This allows Users to change Auto Attendant settings, Call Queue's, etc.  It is a very powerful access level that has the potential to trigger additional billing and needs to be treated with caution.
On the questionnaire sent to you, you can input information via the table, the text box, or by uploading your own document (which is linked below).

User List (Google Doc) - Please download the document, and then fill it in and upload it onto the form that sent you to this page. Thank you

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