Understanding the Admin Portal Interface

Understanding the Admin Portal Interface

This article describes the Web Portal layout.


  • Portal access with Office Manager scope, individual users can manage some select features by logging in under their own extension.


The top of the admin portal interface contains a menu bar with icons for navigating through the portal. When you click an icon, the page associated with the icon appears in the dashboard. Some pages have tabs for accessing configuration settings.


Navigation Menu

Menu Icon


Shows active call information such as

graphs and statistics.

Allows you to view queue information such

as graphs, statistics, metrics, and

generating email reports. 

Shows users configured in the system,

and allows you to add, edit, and

import users. 

Shows conferences configured in the

system,and allows you to edit, delete, join

a conference, and view conference


Shows auto attendants configured in the

system, and allows you to add, edit, and

delete auto attendants.

Shows call queues configured in the

system, and allows you to add, edit,

and delete call queues, add Music On

Hold files to call queues, and configure

agents associated with call queues.

Shows all time frames configured in the

system, and allows you to add, edit,

and delete time frames and view

time frame start and end times.

Shows all files that are part of the Music On

Hold feature, and allows you to add,

edit, and delete Music on Hold files, change

the order in which files are played, and

randomize the playing of the files.

Allows you to manage the phone numbers

and phone hardware in the system.

Allows you to review, filter, and export call

logs for greater analysis.

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