Grandstream P-Codes

Grandstream P-Codes

Grandstream P-Codes

P-Code Retrieval

One of the most common ways to generate a P-Code Template is to configure the phone using the WebUI and exporting the phones configuration, which can be found under Maintenance > Upgrade and provisioning. If you are unsure of a P-Code Value, change only one option at a time and re-check the configuration file.

P-Code Reference

P-Code Value
Additional Information
P2Admin Password 
P3Display Name 
P8IP Address Type0=DHCP,1=Static
P9Static IP AddressOctet 0
P10Static IP AddressOctet 1
P11Static IP AddressOctet 2
P12Static IP AddressOctet 3
P13Subnet MaskOctet 0
P14Subnet MaskOctet 1
P15Subnet MaskOctet 2
P16Subnet MaskOctet 3
P17GatewayOctet 0
P18GatewayOctet 1
P19GatewayOctet 2
P20GatewayOctet 3
P21DNS Server 1Octet 0
P22DNS Server 1Octet 1
P23DNS Server 1Octet 2
P24DNS Server 1

Octet 3

P25DNS Server 2Octet 0
P26DNS Server 2Octet 1
P27DNS Server 2Octet 2
P28DNS Server 2Octet 3
P29Early Dial 
P30NTP Time ServerFQDN or IP Address
P31SIP Registration0=Disabled,1=Enabled
P32Register Expirationin minutes
P33Voicemail Dial String 
P34Authentication Password 
P35SIP User ID 
P36Authentication ID 
P37Voice Frames per TX 
P38Layer 3 QoS 
P39Local RTP Port 
P40Local SIP Port 
P47SIP ServerFQDN or IP Address
P49G723 Frame Rate 
P50Silence Suppression0=No,1=Yes
P51802.1Q/VLAN Tag 
P52STUN NAT Traversal0=No,1=Yes
P57Codec Choice 10=g.711u, 8=g.711u, 18=g.729
P58Codec Choice 2 
P59Codec Choice 3 
P60Codec Choice 4 
P71Off hook Auto Dial0=No,1=Yes
P72Use # as Dial Key0=No,1=Yes
P104Default Ringtone 
P191Enable Call Features0=No,1=Yes
P192HTTP Firmware Update Server 
P193Firmware Check IntervalIn Minutes
P194Auto Update0=No,1=Yes
P197Proxy Require0=No,1=Yes
P212Firmware Upgrade0=TFTP, 1=HTTP
P232Firmware File Prefix 
P233Firmware File Suffix 
P234Config File Prefix 
P238Check for New Firmware0=Always, 1=Only when Suffix/Prefix Changes, 2=Never



The attached file are all of the known overrides as of July 2015.  Please consult with Grandstream support for the latest version of this file.

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