UCaaS Portal Features

UCaaS Portal Features

Admin Portal: or Office Manager Portal provides a higher level of administration for your team.


Answering Rules: This is a feature which can be accessed through our web portal and it will allow you to treat your incoming calls in the way that you want.


Attendant/Receptionist Console: Console Assistant, receptionists and group attendants can easily manage incoming calls to the main company number or group members.


Auto-Attendant: Allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator/receptionist.


Busy Lamp Field (BLF): Show the status of other users phones (busy, ringing, available) connected to your phone system.


Call Block: Block unwanted callers by simply specifying their number on the block list. You can also block anonymous or unknown callers. The call gets rejected in a way that the caller would never know they are being blocked.


Call Forwarding: Call Forward helps you forward a call when your number or extension is dialed, to another phone number.


Call Hold: Place callers on Hold by simply pressing the “Hold” key on your Desk Phone or through the call indicator on the web portal when logged in.


Call Reporting: Get call reports beyond a simple call history or call log.


Call Park: Allows you to place a call on hold, so it can be retrieved from another phone in your company


Call Screening: The Caller will be prompted to record his/her name. The Callee will be notified with the Caller's name and provide the option to Answer, Direct to Voicemail or Reject.


Call ACD Queue: The perfect way to manage high traffic call flows.


Call Recording > Company-Wide: Is an optional included service with our business phone system.


Call Recording > On-Demand: An optional included service with our business phone system.


Call Transfer: Allows you to relocate an existing call, placed or received, to another extension directly from your phone or through the web portal.

Call Waiting: Allows you to toggle between calls in case you need to notify one caller you need to hang up.


Caller ID: We provide an enhanced Caller ID which if available will also provide a name associated with the calling telephone number.


Caller ID Block: Prevents your name and phone number from being displayed on the receiver's screen when you make a call.


Chat:  Integrated chat tool that allows your staff to chat with each other within the web portal.   Optionally SMS can be added to allow your team to SMS\Text with outside users.


CRM Integration: We have integrations with several CRM applications, which helps your team be more productive.


Click-to-Dial: Allows you to dial a phone number from a website, document, form, etc. simply by clicking on that number.


Conference Bridge: An optional add-on service which allows you to create a conference call where internal and external callers can dial a number (usually followed by a PIN) to join a multi-party conference.


DID: A direct, 10-digit phone number is associated to an extension within the phone system that bypasses the receptionist or auto attendant and can be dialed from any phone.


Do Not Disturb: Do Not Disturb automatically sends any incoming call directly to the Callee’s voicemail


Emergency Assistance (911): Is the emergency telephone number for all of Canada and the USA.  911 works a little differently for our services than traditional services do to the mobility aspects of the platform, and are answered 24/7 from our national 911 call center.  Dispatch will send first responders to your registered address if you aren’t able to audibly give address or directions.


Find Me Follow Me: Using our web portal under Answering Rules we provide the ability for users to manage the way calls reach them from an easy-to-use browser interface.


Hunt Group: Hunt Group or “Ring Group” is an incoming call management feature that allows you to manage incoming calls for groups within your organization and the order the phones within those groups will ring.


International Long Distance: We offer international calls to all major countries and cities around the world.


Join Call (Barge-In): The Join Call (Barge-In) feature allows a authorized supervisor or user to join into the call, rather than just listen, as is the case with the Listen Only feature, or speak to only one of the parties, as is such with Whisper feature.


Local or Geographic Number: We offer local numbers within your area, but we also offer numbers from other cities around the world.  Keep your existing number or get a new one(s).


Company Number: A Main Number is that number you offer your customers so that they can reach you from any phone. A main number is usually answered by a receptionist or Auto Attendant so that the call can be either manually transferred by the receptionist or by a menu offering to reach a particular extension in the case of an Auto Attendant.


Mobile App / Mobile Integration: We provide you with an assortment of suggested apps for your mobile phone or tablet, iOS and Android that doubles as your office desk phone.


Monitor/Listen Only: Allows the listener to hear both sides of a call, but not be heard by either of the other parties.


Music\Messages on Hold (MoH): This will play recorded music or messages to fill the silence that would be heard by telephone callers who have been placed on hold.


Paging Group: Broadcast an announcement to your entire team or a specific group you’ve selected.


Phone Number Porting: We will port all your numbers from your former provider into the network once the on-boarding process is completed.


Ring Group: Ring Group "Hunt Group" is an incoming call management feature that allows you to manage incoming calls for groups within your organization.


Simultaneous Ring: The Simultaneous Ring feature enables multiple devices to ring at the same time when a call comes into your business number or personal extension.


Time Frames: Time Frames allow you to control the scheduling of incoming main business calls or personal business calls.


Toll Free Numbers: Optional add-on phone number that begin with one of the following three-digit codes: 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844 or 834.


Virtual Mailbox: This feature will create a virtual mailbox to send callers to without the need to be associated with a user, a desk phone or a phone number.


Virtual Fax: An optional add-on service to send and receive faxes directly from the portal (Portal Fax) or from any email account (Internet Fax) on any device you want.


Voicemail: Each extension comes with its own voicemail inbox, allowing your team to have secure access to voice messages.


Voicemail to Email: This is an included voicemail feature that will send voicemails left on your phone number as an email attachment containing a sound file.


Voicemail Transcription: This optional add-on feature will read your voicemail, that simple! This feature transcribes your voicemails to text and immediately sends you an email with the content of the message as a text.


Whisper: The whisper feature allows the whisperer to speak only to the Agent. The Caller is not able to hear the whisperer.


Web Phone: Make and receive phone calls directly from Google Chrome Browser without the need to download any software or plug-ins.


Web Portal: Web Portals are the most important tools we offer to our customers. They are web-based services where companies, users, admins, office managers, call center supervisors and even agents can use on a daily basis.

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