• VOIP-500
  • Firefox 3.5 or higher 
  • Internet Explorer 8 or higher

User Setup

This device will need a manual device setup. For complete instructions on how to setup a manual device, please see the link here

Device Setup

  1. Enter the IP address of the VOIP-500 phone into either Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 or higher. Default IP:

    The Web GUI will not work in Google Chrome

  2. You will be prompted for a username and password. 

    Defaults: admin/admin@123

  3. From the left hand Menu select Network and then SIP Settings

  4. Here you will enter your SIP information. 

  5. Click the Register option before entering in the Registrar credentials. 
    • Device Extension - Extension created earlier
    • Domain Name - Domain that extension belongs to
    • IP Address -
    • Outbound IP 1 -
    • Outbound IP 2 -
    • Outbound IP 3 -

  6. Click apply and wait for the registration status to turn green. 

  7. The VOIP-500 phone is now registered and able to receive phone calls. 

Button Setup

To enable the button on the face of the phone to dial a number, extensions or DID's need to be added to the number lists on the phone. These lists work in a linear cascade fashion where it will try the first number and if there is no answer it will move onto the next. 

  1. From the left hand menu, select VoIP and then Number Lists. 

  2. This will open the lists options. Enter up to 6 extensions/DID's per list. 

  3. Click Apply

When the red emergency button is pressed, it will now dial the numbers that are in the list. The call placed light will turn on and when the call is answered, the call received light will turn on for the duration of the call.