Taking a phone home

Taking a phone home


  1. Ensure you have a working network connection available for your phone
  2. For best results ensure your network complies with our network requirements
  3. The ability to power the phone

Powering the phone

All VoIP phones require some sort of power connection. 

Most of the phones support POE(Power Over Ethernet) and AC adapters. To easily tell which your phone is currently using in your office for power just look at the back of your phone, If you see a single Ethernet cable(Image below) plugged into the back of your phone then you are using POE and your phone will need a power adapter or a POE injector to work at home. 

If your phone has the above cable and another cable that is connected to a wall socket then it is being powered by the adapter and not a POE switch. You will need to take this adapter home with you so you can power the phone.

Connecting the phone

Depending on your phone model you may or may not have the option to use WiFi to connect your phone to your home network. We always recommend that you use a wired connection where possible as the WiFi standard is inherently unreliable and may cause some issues. 

If you are connecting via wifi you will need to use the phone menu to find the wifi option and set up your wifi connection. 
If you are connecting via a wired connection using the ethernet cable then you just need to connect the cable to the phone's internet port and one of your router's ports.


If you have connected your phone to the internet but you are not able to make or receive any calls please check your phone's status page which is usually in the menu's(specific instructions below) and ensure your phone has an IPV4 address. If this field is blank then your phone is not connected to your network correctly and we recommend checking all your connections again. 

Grandstream status page: Press up arrow on the D-Pad
Htek status page: Press the middle D-Pad button then select "information"
Yealink status page: Press the Ok button then, select status
Polycom status page:  Press home -> settings -> basic -> status -> networking

If you are having call quality issues at home, Please take note of the time of the call and the number that you calling or called you and then contact support. 
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