Depending on your office’s network configuration, you may be able to use your phone at home.


  • A High Speed Internet connection, a routing device that supports port forwarding with administrative access which can be directly wired via Ethernet to a supported IP phone, and a power source/power adapter or PoE switch.

Installing a Phone at Home

  • To install the phone at home, you need an Ethernet cable and an AC power supply.
  • Plug either end of the Ethernet cable into the phone’s LAN jack.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to your home router or switch.
  • Connect the supplied the AC adapter to the phone and to a working AC outlet. The phone is now ready for use.

Note: Your provider cannot guarantee call quality or reliability with phones not on the provider’s data network. In addition, 911 services might not work properly when removing a phone from the office.

ProblemCorrective Action
Phone can make a call but lacks audio or cannot receive calls.                                                                                                                                                                                                                    There might be a problem with your home network. Ensure that your network does not have double Network Address Translation (NAT) or SIP Application Layer Gateway (ALG) disabled on the router. Your provider cannot reconfigure home network; however, your provider will provide technical assistance to your IT staff or vendor.
Your home router is in a different room from the phone, and Ethernet wiring isn’t available between the rooms.Consider using a HomePlug Powerline solution. Your provider does not provide or support HomePlug systems, but such solutions are available from office supply and electronics stores.
Phone does not work at all.

Contact your provider for technical support. Before calling, have the phone’s MAC address ready.

Phone can make and receive calls but call quality or reliability is poor.
  • For connecting your phone/softphone, use Ethernet instead of Wi-Fi.
  • Check the quality of your internet connection at
  • Your router may be able to prioritize SIP (IP Phone) traffic. Have your IT staff or vendor configure the Quality of Service on your router.

Your provider cannot guarantee call quality or reliability with phones not on the provider’s data network.

For more technical information on how to completely configure your network, please visit our Network Readiness Guide.