Below is a list of the currently supported star and feature codes that can be used with your phone.


Call Parking Codes


Dynamically Park a Call (5101 to 5109)

*<Call Park Queue>

Park a Call into a static call park queue

Call Forwarding Codes


Set Call Forward ALWAYS Destination 


Set Call Forward BUSY Destination


Set Call Forward NO ANSWER Destination


Activate Call Forward ALWAYS


Activate Call Forward BUSY


Disable Call Forward BUSY


Activate Call Forward NO ANSWER


Disable Call Forward NO ANSWER


Disable Call Forward

Voice Mail Codes

5001 or *98

Access owned voicemail


Access voicemail management

Other Star Codes


Call Record Start


Call Record End

*67<3 to 11 Digit phone number>

Caller ID and Name Block (Privacy)


Activate Block Anonymous


Disable Block Anonymous


Setup Hotdesking


Release Hotdesked Phone Back to Owner


Enable Do Not Disturb (DND)


Disable Do Not Disturb (DND)

Contact Center Agent Codes


Agent Login for one (1) call


Agent Login


Agent Logout

Special Feature Codes

Transfer key + 03<extension number>#

Transfer to voice mail directly

Transfer key + 04<extension number>#

Transfer to greeting, then auto hangup

07<extension number>#

Pick up call that’s ringing this extension

*30 + <extension number>

Remote user transfer call to an extension