Site Manager - Device Defaults

Site Manager - Device Defaults


  1. Site Manager or higher user scope
  2. Portal Access
  3. Access to the users sites.

Accessing the Sites Defaults

To add a device default to your site you will need to be logged into your domain. 

1. Navigate to Users -> Sites. Here you will see a list of your sites.
If you are a Site Manager, you will only see the Site that you are managing. Office Manager and higher scopes will see all sites for the domain. 

Here is how your list of sites will look. 

2. Click on the site name to edit the Site defaults. 

3. In here, you will see basic options for your Site as well as a text box for entering "Device Defaults"

4. Enter in your desired override(s) and click save. 
Overrides must be in the format of override="value". Anything else will fail and will not apply to the phone. 

5. Now the next time a phone under the Site is Resynced/Rebooted or does its weekly check in, it will apply these overrides.  

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