Setup Multiple Handsets to a Yealink W60/W52 Base Station

Setup Multiple Handsets to a Yealink W60/W52 Base Station


  • Office Manager or Higher user scope


The W52 base station is capable of having 4 handsets assigned to it, and the W60 is capable of having 8 handsets assigned to it. This KB goes over how to setup the additional lines required in the portal for the handsets to ring correctly. 

In the Portal

1. Log into the portal and locate the user that will be assigned to the first line and add the MAC address of the base station to the users phones. 

2. Navigate to the user profile that will use the second handset. Ensure they have a free extension available. The Phones tab should look like the below image. 

3. Navigate to Inventory -> Phone Hardware

4. Locate the first users extension and click the edit button. Under line 2, add the second handsets extension. 

5. Save and Resync the phone. 

6. Ensure each handset is registered to the correct base and is assigned to the correct line on the base. The screen of the handset will indicate which line it is assigned to. 

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