Setting up the Call back option on a call queue

Setting up the Call back option on a call queue

Callback requests are only active for 1 hour, or they fall off and will not be actioned or triggered for a callback.


- At least Office Manager rights
- A call queue

What is the callback feature?

Callback is a feature that is exclusive to call queues. This feature is ideal for very busy call queues where callers may have to wait for an available agent for a longer period of time than usual. This feature allows the system to prompt the callers based on the time they've been in the queue with the option to either stay in the queue and wait or to take a callback option. 

If the caller chooses to stay in the queue their position is saved and the call continues as normal and they wait for their turn to be answered by an agent. 
If the caller chooses the callback option when prompted the system will ask them to verify their callback number. Once the number is verified the system will end the call, the caller's position queue is still saved though, and when it is the caller's turn the system will automatically call the next available agent and connect the agent to the caller.

How do I set this up?

Setting this up on your call queue is easy! 

First off, log into the domain on the portal. 

Once logged in select the Call Queues option in the top navigation bar.

Once here, find the call queue that you want to enable this for and click the edit button.
Navigate to the Pre Queue Options tab

Enable the callback option that is highlighted in green below:
Please ensure that the areas highlighted in red are empty/default like above.

Click on the In Queue Options tab next

Adjust the Queue Ring Timeout(sec) slider to your desired prompt frequency, This controls how often your callers are prompted with the callback option.

Ensure that the red Highlighted sections are left as empty and No as the callback feature does not work if these are enabled/set.

The last step is to hit save! 

Additional configurations

If you want to give your call queue agents some time after they finish a call to wrap things up before speaking to the next caller you can set their Wrap up time(sec)

To set a wrap-up time on an agent go to your call queues tab again.
Find you call queue and select edit agents, this is done with either of the 2 red highlighted buttons/links.

Once here select the edit agent button 

From here you can then set the agents Wrap up time(sec) to your desired time.

Hit Save Agent and then Done! 
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