Registering an Algo 8301 to a paging user extension

Registering an Algo 8301 to a paging user extension

Register Period (seconds)Prerequisites

  • Active internet connection
  • laptop/desktop connected to the network which the device is connected

Portal configuration

  1. Create a User in extension 5800
  2. Navigate to new user
  3. Navigate to the "Phones" tab
  4. Click Edit() on the phone
  5. Take note of the information in this screen


Device Configuration

  1. Access the Algo's Web Ui by finding its local IPV4 Address using one of the below methods
    1. Find by using your routers DHCP tables
    2. Find it by using Algo's Network Device Locator (
    3. Plug a headset into the device and power it up, it should read out the local ip address
  2. Log into device using the default password "algo"
  3. Click on the "Advanced Settings" tab, Navigate to "Advanced Sip" tab.

  4. Copy the below settings:
    • Ensure that the "SIP Transportation" mode is set to "TCP"
    • Leave SDP SRTP Offer as Disabled
    • Leave SIP Outbound Support (RFC 5626) as Disabled
    • Set Outbound Proxy to
    • Set Register Period (seconds) to 60
    • Leave Media NAT as None
    • Leave Server Redundancy Feature (Multiple SIP Server Support) as Disabled
    • Leave Keep-Alive Method as None
    • Leave Use Outgoing TLS port in SIP headers as Enabled
    • Leave Do Not Reuse Authorization Headers as Disabled
    • Leave Allow Missing Subscription-State Headers as Disabled
  5. Next, Navigate to "Basic Settings" and then "SIP"
  6. Copy the below settings:
    • Set SIP Domain (Proxy Server) to <Domain.tld>
    • Set  to None
    • Set Authentication ID to <Paging Ext>
    • Set Authentication Password to <Password>
    • Leave Display Name Empty
  7. Next, hit save and power cycle the device.
  8. That's it!  Your Algo should now be registered and ready to use, For further configuration options please refer to your user manual.

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