• DP720 handset
  • DP750 Base station

Register Handset with the Base Station

  1. On DP750 Base station, press and hold Radio/Page button for about 7 seconds until radio LED starts blinking; or, access web UI > Status > DECT Status and press Subscribe button.
  2. On DP720, Press “Menu” 
  3. Use arrow keys to reach > Settings  > Registration.  
  4. Navigate to Register, then press “Select” while the DP750 Radio icon is blinking.
  5. Select the corresponding base, and then press “Subscribe”.
  6. DP720 handset will display Easy Pairing on the LCD and play an audible buzz when subscribed.  

Checking Base Station IP address

  1. Press “Menu”.
  2. Use arrow keys to reach > Settings > Info.
  3. Press “Select” softkey to display Info page, browse the screen to find IP address, subnet mask and default gateway information for your DP750.

Changing the Base PIN

  1. Press “Menu” 
  2. Use arrow keys to reach > Settings  > System Settings. 
  3. Enter current base PIN code  (Default is 0000).
  4. Enter the desired base code PIN.
  5. Press “Save” softkey to confirm.