This article covers how to send an SMS in the portal and briefly touches on SMS email notifications.


  • An SMS Capable DID assigned to a user
  • Email Notifications Enabled

Sending an SMS Message in Portal Chat

To send an SMS message inside the portal, you would follow the same procedure as you would if you were trying to send a direct message to another user.

  1. Select Contacts at the bottom left of the portal

  2. Select the chat box to start a new conversation

  3. Type the phone number you want to send an SMS message to at the top of the window then press enter or select the dropdown to begin communicating.

Sending an SMS in the WebPhone

  1. Select the Plus sign at the bottom right of the WebPhone interface, then select the new conversation icon.

  2. In the search begin typing the number you would like to send an SMS to then press enter or click on the "SMS" below the search bar to begin sending messages.

  3. Manage and view multiple conversations by expanding the WebPhone screen.

Email Alerts

After a user sends another user a message through the portal or a user receives an SMS; if that message remains unread for five minutes then an email is sent out to the receiving user's email with a transcript of the previous ten messages in the conversation. After this email is sent out there will not be another email unless the original sender sends another message after the email went out.

  1. The system will perform a check every minute which will automatically initiate this alert for any users with unread messages needing notification. 
  2. For branding, the system will automatically take on any color or logos provided for portal branding
  3. An example of this email would show is seen below.

SMS For Call Queues

Information on SMS for call queues and their configuration can be found in the KB article SMS for Call Queues