How to use your WebPhone

How to use your WebPhone

How to use your WebPhone

The WebPhone will allow you to receive and place calls using the microphone and speakers on your computer.

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Before you begin

To use the WebPhone you must meet the following requirements:
  • You must use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge
  • You must have a working microphone device attached to your computer
  • You must have speakers or a headphone attached to your computer

Warning About Call Queues

If you plan on using the WebPhone in a Call Queue, the WebPhone device must be added to the queue after the WebPhone is registered for the first time (the device will appear as <ext>wp).

Click on this guide for more information:

Registering the WebPhone

1. Login to the web portal:

2. Select Apps near the top of the portal, and click Webphone.

this will open the WebPhone in a new browser window:


3. When it first opens your browser will ask for permission to use your microphone, you must Allow access to the microphone or the WebPhone will not register

4. To see if your WebPhone is successfully registered or not, click the small phone icon in the top right of the Window, if it is registered correctly it will look like this:

5. Ensure your preferred audio device for phone audio is selected in the Settings panel



This device does not need to match your default audio device in Windows. You can have your default audio set to go out of the speakers within Windows and then use the headset just for calls. This may be useful if you would the ringing to play on your speakers rather than through the headset or if you would like to have additional audio through a different device such as music in the background.

Using the WebPhone

Placing a call

Select the  icon near the bottom right of the WebPhone, then select 

You may begin entering the phone number or extension of the person you want to reach using the dial pad on your screen or using your keyboard.

Receiving Calls

When receiving a call, the computer will play a ringtone and the webphone will display the following call options:

  Reject - Send the call to your voicemail

 Ignore - Stop ringing the WebPhone, but will allow the call to continue ringing your other phones

  Answer - Accept and answer the inbound call 


Call Handling

When a call is active the following functions will be available

 Mute - Disables the microphone

 Hold - Places the other party on hold

 Dialpad - Enables entering digits (for menus)

 Transfer - Allows the call to be transferred to a contact or a dialed number

 Add Call - Creates the second call and puts the first call on hold

 Swap Call - Button to allow for switching between calls when two are active

 Contacts - Displays the user’s contacts and optionally create a second call by clicking on a contact

 Merge Calls - Bring both calls into a conference

 Switch phone - Moves the call to another device associated with your extension

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