Network Assessment Instructions

Network Assessment Instructions


  1. Windows 10 Computer that is on the same network as the phones
  2. Software license key

What does this test do?

This test allows you to perform a variety of tests on your clients sites, some of the tests include:
  1. Network assessment which tests:
    1. Latency
    2. Concurrent Call Tests
    3. Speed test
    4. Voice quality
    5. Double NAT
    6. SIP ALG
    7. UDP Timeout
    8. Firewall TCP/UDP ports
  2. VoIP Quality
    1. This test runs a continuous quality monitoring test as long as the application is open
    2. This is useful for determining if there are network issues at specific times of the day that could be impacting call quality
  3. Call Testing
    1. This test set allows you to run concurrent test calls under different types of scenarios 
    2. This is useful for checking if the network is capable of handling the call volume that is required by the site

Downloading and installing the application:

The software can be downloaded from here:
Before downloading the application you will be prompted to enter some information about the test site. Please see the below table for examples.

Company name
  ABC plumbing INC
Your company email address
Company phone domain
Location  name
  Calgary McKnight office
Security key
  Your purchased software key
location address 
  ABC Plumbing, McKnight trail, etc ......

After entering this information you can click the "Download for Windows" button. Your download will then begin and your activation code will be displayed.
Please note you will only ever see this Activation code once so please save it somewhere safe. 
Once the application has finished downloading please install it by following the installer's steps.

When you are finished installing the application please launch it and enter the Activation license key once prompted.

Done! The app is now installed and ready to begin testing the network for SIP compatibility.

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