Get started with your Grandstream Wave Lite softphone on iOS or Android.


Manager Portal Setup

• Create the extension as a "Manual or Softphone" device.
• Click the pencil (Edit) icon as shown in the below screenshot.

• Take note of the information shown under the "Settings" field and hit "Save".

Application Setup
  • Add The Account
    Tap settings and tap "+" to add an account. Tap "SIP Account", and replace the red text with the information you received from the Manager Portal then tap the checkmark to save.



Below is the complete account setup information for the GS Wave lite:
Account Name: (Any)
SIP Server: (Your domain, i.e.
SIP User ID:  (Your lettered extension from the portal 123g, 123t etc.)
SIP Authentication ID: (your extension, i.e. 123g)
Password: (This will be shown in the hardware section of the portal under the specific user being setup)

Under Network Settings on the app, set the below:
Proxy-Require: (Your domain, i.e.
Outbound Proxy:

4. Click the ""Check"" button on the top right to save the account.
5. Perform a test call."

NOTE: you have to add a phone under a user as "Manual or Softphone"
DO NOT USE: m , z and wp as they are reserved for the Desktop Softphone, UC Softphone and Webphone.