Grandstream GDS3710 Setup

Grandstream GDS3710 Setup


  1. Access to the GDS3710 webgui
  2. Office Manager or higher user scope
  3. Manual device credentials found here
This KB will go over how to setup basic functionality of the Grandstream GDS3710 video door system. 

Please use extension range 5900-5999 for this device. 

SIP Account Setup

  1. Log into the GDS3710 webgui
  2. Locate Account from the left hand menu. 

  3. Fill in the appropriate manual device information under SIP Basic Settings

  4. Under the SIP Advanced Settings please set the following. 

  5. Under Vocoder Settings

Door System Settings

Its recommended that when the doorbell button is pressed to send calls to a queue for answering, but sending to any sip extension will work as well. 

Many of these settings are unique to the install and as such this is only a recommendation on how to have the device behave. 

  1. Locate Door System Settings from the left hand menu. 

  2. Under Basic Settings please set the following. 

Once done, press the save button located at the bottom of the screen. 

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