General voicemail

General voicemail


  1. Access to the portal
  2. At least office manager access


General voicemail boxes are primarily used as a company's primary voicemail box where general voicemail messages get stored. This voicemail box can be accessed by anyone that knows the account's PIN. 

By default, your phone will not monitor this mailbox for new messages so you will either need to manually check for new messages or use the email notification system.


To access the mailbox it is as simple as:
  1. Dial 5000 from your phone
  2. Enter the account number(typically 5010)
  3. Enter the Pin for the account when prompted
  4. Done!

Monitoring on your phone

You can set up your phone to monitor and display voicemail notifications but it requires a bit of setup
  1. Navigate to your 5010 user's profile
  2. Go to the phones Tab
  3. Click on "Add phone"
  4. Add as many phones as needed (Max 5)

  5. For each phone just increment it by 1 letter like above, no need to configure any other settings on the phone
  6. Navigate to your inventory then go to the Phone hardware tab
  7. Open the button builder for the phone that you want to enable the monitoring on 
  8. Add a line appearance with one of your newly created device extensions, ie 5010a (note each device extension can only be used once)

  9. Save and Resync
  10. Repeat on the other phones if you need
These phones will now be subscribed to 5010's voicemail box as well as their own voicemail box!

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