Fax Solutions

Fax Solutions

Contrary to popular belief, fax is actually growing in popularity. Fax grew 28% in 2018 and projections show a potential growth of 25% through 2019-2020 according to an International Data Corporation (IDC) comprehensive study.

Internet Fax

Internet Fax is a robust service for sending faxes.  Fully customizable with 3 built in cover page templates, the option to upload your business logo for cover letters, manage/receive/send faxes through the web portal or through email.  Configure up to 8 users per internet fax account.  The service is fully encrypted so your data is protected, and the data stays in Canada making the service fully PHIPA and HIPAA compliant.

What It Can Do

  1. 500 Page per month target user/business
  2. Sophisticated Cover Pages (3 templates)
  3. Multiple File uploads per single fax
  4. Broadcast up to 50 different numbers at a time
  5. Shared with up to 8 users
  6. Delayed send options
  7. Send faxes from your email (email-to-fax)
  8. Inbound Notifications by portal and email
  9. All traffic remains in Canada and uses Canadian Servers

What It Looks Like

Portal Fax

Portal Fax is a more basic, single user experience intended for simple fax, manageable directly through the assigned users main portal.  Less robust than Internet fax, Portal fax does not include cover page support or forwarding received faces to emails and other fax numbers.  Any cover page would have to be built into the document and the users voicemail notifications must be enabled to receive alerts.  The limit for portal fax is 200 pages per month.

What It Can Do

  1. A simple online portal access with error alerting
  2. Fair Use policy of 200 pages per month
  3. Supports most popular file formats for sending
  4. Ability to preview and download sent\received faxes from the portal
  5. Send a single file per fax with as many pages as needed
  6. No additional cover page support unless integrated into the main uploaded file
  7. Received faxes follow the user's same voicemail notification settings (Portal & Email)

What It Looks Like

Physical Fax (HTTPS/Analogue)

The option exists to deploy a Fax ATA (analog telephone adapter) on site for the customer to be plugged into fax hardware.  This does however have a higher long term overhead for hardware, paper, and ink/laser cartridge replacements and would require a user account within the portal.
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