You will need a user to have a minimum of `Office Manager` level of permissions to make these changes. If you do not have this access, please contact support.


Courtesy Phone Extensions allow you to associate certain low-use courtesy phones for various business needs, including the following examples:

  • Break-out meeting rooms
  • Reception area guest phones
  • Filing or Server - Computer rooms
  • Kitchen areas
  • Limited and light use Boardrooms


The new phone extension is not ideal for all use cases. See below:

  • Limited to 300 minutes of use per month
  • Must be attached to a physical phone (no softphones)
  • Only one phone is allowed to be registered per extension
  • No extended features, voicemail or portal access for these extensions
  • Must be added to 5520 through 5529 extension numbers (max. of 10)

To take advantage of the the new extensions, they will require removing and replacing the user for that extension.