Conference Bridge - Adding Participants using the Portal

Conference Bridge - Adding Participants using the Portal


  1. Access to the portal
  2. Access to a conference bridge. 
This KB will go through the steps of manually adding participants to a conference bridge. This is an alternative to the participant calling into the conference bridge. Users that call into the conference will show up in the participant list as well. 

Adding a Participant:

  1. Log into the portal and navigate to the Conference Tab. 

  2. In this tab, you will see a list of all participants in the call. Here you can add participants whether it be an extension or an external phone number. 

  3. To add an external phone number, simply enter the 10 digit number you wish to add, as shown below. 

  4. To add an internal extension (a colleague), simply input the users extension. 

    Once you enter the extension, it will show a dropdown list. You must select the user you wish to add from the drop down list. 

  5. Once you have entered the number or user, press the Green + box 

  6. The system will now send a call to that user/phone number and auto add the call to the conference bridge once the call is answered by the participant. 

Participant Status


The participant is waiting to enter the conference. This is caused by the minimum participants to start the conference not being exceeded yet. 


The participant has answered and has successfully joined the conference, and able to speak with the other participants. 


Muted means that participant has been muted by the conference leader via the Mute button. 

To mute/unmute the participant simply click the mute/unmute button to the right of the participant. 

Disconnecting/Kicking a Participant

Once a participant has joined the conference, the conference leader has the ability to disconnect/kick any active participant. This is done by selecting the "red x" button to the right of the participant. 
This will immediately disconnect the participant from the conference. 

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