Cisco SPA112/SPA122 ATA Manual Device Setup

Cisco SPA112/SPA122 ATA Manual Device Setup


  • Access to the Manager Portal

Portal Setup

Device Setup

  1. Connect an analog phone to the Phone port of the ATA.
  2. Pick up the phone and press the star key four times: ****
  3. After the greeting plays, press 110 on the phone keypad to hear the IP Address of the ATA.
  4. In the Address bar of your browser, enter the IP address of the ATA. in step 3 above
  5. To log in for the first time, enter the default username, admin, and the default password, admin. The password is case sensitive.
  6. In the phone configuration, click Admin Login → Advanced → Voice -> Provisioning
  7. Enter the address in Profile Rule for in the following format:$MA.cfg
  8. Click Submit All Changes.
  9. Reboot the ATA (unplug power adapter, waiting 10 seconds, and replug)
  10. Confirm the light for the programmed line #1 or #2 has turned to a solid green.

Contact support if you are having challenges.

After provisioning login username admin and password Locked. The password is case sensitive.

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