Button Builder

Button Builder

Button Builder is an easy to use feature that allows BLF's, Speed Dials, and many more functions to easily be added to a supported phone. 


  • Basic User or Higher User scope
  • A supported device (Yealink, Polycom, Htek, Grandstream)

Using Button Builder

  1. Log into your user portal. 
  2. Select the Inventory option and locate the device you want to use the Button Builder with. Click on the MAC address for the phone (does not need to be registered to use the Button Builder). 

  3. Button Builder will now open. 

    1. Button Information - this is where you will enter the line appearance, BLF extensions, speed dial number, etc. 
    2. Template Manager - Create, Edit or Apply templates to the selected device. 
    3. Add Sidecar - Click to add a sidecar expansion module to supported devices. 
    4. Button Options - Controls directory cascade options and clear the button option if it is no longer needed. 
    5. Button Layout - Layout of where the selected button is, in relation to the screen of the phone. 

  4. To add a button to the phone, click either the appropriate button on the phone image or select it from the list of available buttons on the right hand side. Selecting one of the options on the right hand side will show you where the button is located on the phone. 

  5. Select the feature you want to add (see below for a list of available button features). When you select the feature you want to use, the options will update where you will enter the information needed. 

  6. Add in a Custom Label for the button (this is not required)

  7. Click Save and Resync. If the phone has not been registered yet, you only need to click save. 

Available Button Options

  • Line Appearance - adds a line registration to the device
  • Shared Line Appearance - Shares a line appearance with another phone. Calls to the shared line user can be picked up and held from any phone that has the shared line. 
  • User (BLF) - allows you to see the presence status of another extension. Calls the user when pressed. 
  • Call Park - Parks a call to the entered Call Park. Pressing again will retrieve the call from the Call Park. 
  • Speed Dial - Calls the entered phone number. 
  • DTMF - (Yealink only) - allows mid-call DTMF such as star codes.
  • Queue Toggle - Toggles availability of extension in the call queues (currently effects all queues extension belongs to)
  • Timeframe Toggle - Toggles enable/disable of selected timeframes

Other Features

Cascade Directory - Allows you to add domain users list automatically to the buttons on the phone. This can be done 2 ways:

  • Dynamic - Auto fills the button being assigned, and all subsequent buttons, with dynamic BLFs which update whenever the phone resyncs.
  • Static - Auto fills the button being assigned, and all subsequent buttons, with static BLFs for the current directory entries.

Add a Sidecar - Clicking "Add Sidecar" will allow you to add buttons to supported expansion modules for supported phones. Updating the buttons is the same process as the normal buttons on the phone directly. 

Templates - Templates are a great way to deploy the same button configuration to multiple phones without having to update each one. Add a new template with the settings you want and Apply the template to the new devices. 

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