Barge, Listen In, Or Whisper On Active Calls

Barge, Listen In, Or Whisper On Active Calls

This article discusses the Whisper, Listen, and Barge features within the Portal. 


  • Call Center Supervisor scope
  • A registered device for your user

Listen In To A Call

From the Call Center tab, click the speaker icon next to the agent you would like to listen to:

From the Home tab, Click the speaker icon next to the call you would like to listen to:

Note: Only Basic Users and Call Center Agents can be listened to

Once the speaker icon has been clicked, your phone will ring and a notification will appear in the bottom of your Manager Portal indicating the status of the listening state. You can change to Barge (Join Call) or Whisper to the Agent/User by clicking the options in this notification.

Whisper to Agent

Clicking "Whisper to ..." with allow you to speak only to the Agent/User. The other party is not able to hear the whisper. When the Agent/User speaks, it is heard by all parties on the call. Click Listen only to return.

Join The Call (Barge)

Clicking Join Call will add you into the call, like a 3-way call and allow the Agent/User and the far end to hear you and respond to you.

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