Auto Attendant's

Auto Attendant's

What Are They?

Great question!  An Auto Attendant (AA for short) is like a virtual receptionist.  It helps incoming callers choose extensions, departments, leave voicemails, etc.
Auto Attendants have scripts, that can either be read by someone, or read using text-to-speech technology.  Here is an example of an Auto Attendant script: 
"Thank you for calling UnitedCloud.  If you would like to speak to our sales department, press 1.  If you would like to speak to our project implementation team, press 2.  If you would like to leave a message in our general mailbox, press 3."

Do I Need An Auto Attendant?

Not necessarily, every business has different preferences and needs.  You may already have a receptionist for call control, or you may want incoming calls to just ring all your users at once.  You may even want an Auto Attendant for your main number, but have additional numbers go directly to users.

How Should My Auto Attendant Be Programmed?

That decision is completely up to you!  With 11 keys at your disposal (0-9 plus STAR), there are so many possibilities.

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